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Rhapsody - The Whispers of the Ancient Forest (2010 Compilatorio)

Disco compilatorio no oficial de la banda Italiana de Power Metal Sinfónico Rhapsody of Fire, Reune todos los temas haciendo una perfecta antología. Especial si esperas el anciado nuevo disco de estos virtuosos Italianos.

Disco 1:
01 Ira Tenax
02 Warrior Of Ice
03 Rage Of The Winter
04 Flames Of Revenge
05 Virgin Skies
06 Land Of Immortals
07 Lord Of The Thunder
08 Epicus Furor
09 Emerald Sword
10 Wisdom of The Kings
11 Beyond The Gates of Infinity
12 Lux Triumphans
13 Dawn Of Victory
14 Dargor (Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain)
15 Holy Thunderforce
16 The Last Winged Unicorn
17 Rain Of A Thousand Flames
18 Queen Of The Dark Horizons
19 The Poems Evil Page
20 The Wizards Last Rhymes
21 In Tenebris
22 Knightrider Of Doom
23 Power Of The Dragonflame
24 When Demons Awake
25 Agony Is My Name
26 Lamento Eroico
27 Steelgods Of The Last Apocalypse
28 The Pride Of The Tyrant
29 Gargoyles, Angels Of Darkness

Disco 2
01 The Dark Secret
02 Unholy Warcry
03 The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream
04 Erian's Mystical Rhymes
05 The Last Angels' Call
06 Sacred Power Of Raging Winds
07 Guardiani Del Destino
08 Shadows Of Death
09 Nightfall On The Grey Mountains
10 Thunder's Mighty Roar
11 Non Ho Sonno (Goblin, Remix)
12 Autumn Twilight
13 Lo Specchio D'argento
14 Dar-Kunor
15 Triumph Or Agony
16 Heart Of The Darklands
17 Old Age Of Wonders
18 The Myth Of The Holy Sword
19 Silent Dream
20 Son Of Pain
21 The Mystic Prophecy Of The Demonknight
22 Defenders Of Gaia
23 Age of the Red Moon
24 Power Of Thy Sword (Manowar Cover)
25 Guardians (Helloween Cover)

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Descargar PT2
Descargar PT3
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